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Magic Big Bite Dough Bait Hooks

Magic Big Bite Dough Bait Hooks

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The Long Shank treble hook is exclusive to Magic Bait. The stainless-steel custom spring over the Long Shank makes this the very best hook for several different catfish baits. You can use several cubes of Magic Bait dough bait on the hook and the spring will hold the bait so you can cast far to your sweet spot for huge channel cats. The Long Shank treble is great for using with our Magic Bait Punch bait and of course this is the ultimate hook for those die hard fans of raw liver.
Magic Bait Long Shank Treble SS Spring Catfish Dough Bait Fishing Hook 3ct
  • Extra-long shank
  • Works with dip bait and dough bait
  • Ideal for holding dough bait, punch bait or liver
  • Durable construction


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