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Bass Mafia Casket 2.0 Deep

Bass Mafia Casket 2.0 Deep

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Redesigned and better than ever, the Bass Mafia Casket 3700 2.0 Deep delivers improved durability from the original Casket series and twice the storage space as traditional stowaway boxes. Featuring a newly redesigned Bass Mafia logo, the Bass Mafia Casket 3700 2.0 Deep is built with thicker and stronger walls to ensure your lures stay protected during rough rides across the lake. It also features an improved gasket and stronger latches, which provide a watertight seal that keeps moisture out and protects your tackle from the elements. The deep design and 24 prepopulated dividers create generous customizable storage space that is perfect for larger lures and bulky soft plastic packages as well. The same legendary performance now with a new look, the Bass Mafia Casket 3700 2.0 Deep will help you house some of your bulkier tackle.


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